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Stem cell and platelet procedures for joint injuries and degenerative conditions.

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Specializing in the non-invasive treatment of a broad spectrum of sports related injuries.

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We utilize MSK ultrasound for diagnostics and all precision injections

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The Regenexx-C Procedure

DrFentonHeadShot-smDr. Jonathan Fenton is a proud provider of the Regenexx-C Procedure at Regenexx Cayman. This advanced, cultured stem cell procedure is only available at the Regenexx Cayman location and Dr. Fenton is one of the few providers offering the world’s most advanced stem cell procedure at this location.

Dr. Fenton is currently scheduling patients who are candidates for this procedure during his upcoming Grand Cayman visits.

December 4th to 9th, 2017
January 8th to 13th, 2018

For more information on the Regenexx-C Procedure and Regenexx Cayman, please click here…

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  • red-knee

Treatment Consideration in Osteoarthritis


Remember: the goal is improved physical and emotional function more than merely pain control!!!

Glucosamine sulfate 1500-2000mg with Chondroitin sulfate 1200mg/day […]

Upcoming Regenexx Seminars

  • plasma

Regenerative Injection Treatment

Regenerative Injection Treatment
by Dr. Fenton

Regenerative Injection Treatments (RIT, Prolotherapy) are used for joint, tendon, ligament, muscle and spinal pain. Treating […]

Upcoming Regenexx Seminars

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Orthopedic Medicine Injection Treatments

Orthopedic Medicine Injection Treatments
by Dr. Fenton
Aka: Regenerative injection treatment (RIT), Stimulated Ligament Reconstruction, Trigger Injection of Ligament and Tendon (TILT),Sclerotherapy
Use […]

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Upcoming Regenexx Seminars