Regenexx Procedures


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Stem cell and platelet procedures for joint injuries and degenerative conditions.

Orthopedic Medicine


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Specializing in the non-invasive treatment of a broad spectrum of sports related injuries.

Advanced Imaging Guidance


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We utilize MSK ultrasound for diagnostics and all precision injections

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Recent Articles from Vermont Regenerative Medicine

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Treatment Consideration in Osteoarthritis


Remember: the goal is improved physical and emotional function more than merely pain control!!!

Glucosamine sulfate 1500-2000mg with Chondroitin sulfate 1200mg/day […]

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Regenerative Injection Treatment

Regenerative Injection Treatment
by Dr. Fenton

Regenerative Injection Treatments (RIT, Prolotherapy) are used for joint, tendon, ligament, muscle and spinal pain. Treating […]

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Orthopedic Medicine Injection Treatments

Orthopedic Medicine Injection Treatments
by Dr. Fenton
Aka: Regenerative injection treatment (RIT), Stimulated Ligament Reconstruction, Trigger Injection of Ligament and Tendon (TILT),Sclerotherapy
Use […]

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